5 ways IT consultancy services add value to companies

While the benefits of technology far outweigh its cons in terms of enhancing business processes, organizations regularly find themselves stressed over the thought of upgrading their information technology (IT) infrastructures. 

As a business owner, you and your employees are too busy to research current and emerging technology products and services in-depth. This is why IT consulting solutions are vital to organizational success. 

Below are 5 ways IT consulting can add value to your business.

1) Boost technological reliability

When your company’s operating systems experience outages or are not working at their total capacity, your organization loses its competitive edge. Downtime can cost companies $5600 per minute and over $300,000 per hour.

Before offering their advice, IT consultants analyze businesses and use this information as the foundation of their services. They provide clients with valuable insight into the IT world and the products that can help them manage their business and technology. They have the knowledge and experience to recommend relevant, innovative solutions that can redefine your business’s strategies and the role of digital technologies within them.

This ultimately results in a more reliable IT infrastructure as its programs and hardware are guaranteed to be compatible and optimized for you and your employees’ use.

2) Access to a specialized skillset

While an internal IT department has the experience and skills to advise you on your IT infrastructure, doing so forces your employees to spend their energy on small tasks. In-house IT staff should be focused on completing important projects that will take your organization to new levels.

On the other hand, IT consulting firms’ expertise covers a range of technologies and services. IT consultants use this knowledge to tailor their advice to your business and explain how their recommendations will help your organization immediately and in the long term.

IT consulting expertise can cover areas such as:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Software and hardware
  • Project management
  • And more

Whether you need an IT support consultant to help you upgrade a cloud-based application or a team of technical specialists to identify system weaknesses, a consultant’s skillset and expertise can enhance your organization’s IT infrastructure with cost-effective solutions.

3) Ensures organizational compliance

Small and medium-sized businesses must adhere to technical and legal standards, especially if they operate within the healthcare industry. While IT consultants can support you in several ways, their services are critical when it comes to improving your organization’s cybersecurity regulations and policies to ensure digital safety and operational efficiency.

Strategic IT consulting examines your business from an outsider’s perspective, spots its vulnerabilities, and recommends ways to minimize or patch issues before they can grow. This is crucial for you and your staff to remain safe within your company’s network and reduce the chances of experiencing threats.

IT consultants can help protect your business from:

  • Malware (phishing attacks, spyware, etc.)
  • Out-of-date hardware
  • Potential internal threats (human error) caused by skill and knowledge gaps
  • Ineffective processes
  • Complacency regarding old technologies and operations

While thinking about the number of standards and best practices can feel overwhelming, a reliable IT consultant can guide your business throughout its journey from semi-compliant to highly optimized for current and emerging security trends.

4) Prepares you for digital transformations

Digital transformations have completely changed how businesses operate, from revitalizing customer experiences to streamlining internal workflows. 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy in place or are actively working on creating one. From cloud computing to project management software, organizations that readily adopt the latest technical innovations stand a better chance of undergoing a successful digital transformation.

Partnering with IT consultancy firms can help you prepare for your organization’s technical future. IT consultants can act as your business’s digital advisor, providing you with the latest insights on how to introduce new technologies into your business to drive growth. They can also rework your company’s IT strategy to seamlessly implement changes without compromising your organization’s primary objectives.

5) Ensures business continuity

Disasters can strike your business anytime, and you must have a strategy to minimize your losses and ensure your organization can continue to run. The primary tool that allows your business to achieve this level of resilience is a disaster recovery plan—a foolproof strategy that IT consultants can help you develop.

Technology consultants create business continuity and disaster recovery plans by:

  1. Pinpointing your company’s most vital operations, resources, and equipment.
  2. Identifying the types of disasters (natural and man-made) that can impact your business and their consequences.
  3. Drafting a comprehensive plan to overcome prospective threats.
  4. Advising you on the technologies you need to implement the strategy and the steps to ensure a successful rollout.

As a business owner, you put a lot of effort and time into building your organization, and you must not let a disaster unravel your work. With the assistance of an IT consultancy firm, companies can be confident knowing their business continuity and disaster recovery plans are based on timeless experience and a deep understanding of technology and business operations.

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Technology has, and will always be, a top priority for companies wanting to expand their reach and deliver high-quality services to their customers. However, digital technologies can be complex, and your main priority should be your business.

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