6 technological solutions law firms need for success

Legal firms deal with a wide range of cases every day, which can be challenging to handle when the demand for services increases.

There are 6 information technology (IT) solutions—software, hardware, and services—that can help your law firm make the most of its resources and employees’ skills, allowing you to dominate the courtroom and innovate.

1. Legal project management programs

Legal project management programs are key tools lawyers can use to keep track of their various cases and day-to-day tasks, track times and bills, and manage the deadlines that come with running a firm.

These programs allow you to organize your cases in a clear manner while coordinating your team and the individual processes that run when your law firm is operating. The average solo attorney or small law firm receives 4.73 clients per month from their website, with the broader number of new clients surely being higher depending on the size of the firm, its area of expertise, its location, and its other avenues of acquiring business, such as referrals. 

Technological solutions such as legal project management programs can help you have better control over the cases running through your firm, ensuring that the time and resources of you and your clients are not wasted.

2. Microsoft 365

A staple and versatile business technology, the Microsoft 365 productivity suite supplies lawyers with a set of work programs that can be used to quicken internal processes and help your team complete their work efficiently and to a high standard. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based suite, meaning that it is accessed, monitored, and maintained through the Internet.

The suite includes the following:

Microsoft 365 is offered to customers through a subscription model, requiring you to pay per user/per month for its services. There are several plans to choose from (depending on the size of your firm). The subscriptions are also customizable, giving you the freedom to craft a plan that caters to your firm, guaranteeing that you only pay for the programs you and your staff need.

Cybersecurity solutions

Cyber-attacks can target any organization at any time. The client data, case documents, plans, and other sensitive information that is stored on your firm’s network can be compromised by cyber criminals if you do not invest in cybersecurity measures. This can be highly detrimental to you and your team as the ramifications can extend from a ruined reputation to legal consequences.

Law firms should be incorporating the following technological solutions and plans into their operations:

It cannot be stressed enough that your firm’s technological solutions are vital to keeping your team focused and your organization competitive. Cybersecurity solutions can assist you in mitigating the chances of being impacted by cyber threats and losing data to malicious actors. 

4. Mobile devices

In today’s world of smart, convenient technology, there is a good chance that law firms are not solely relying on on-site hardware. However, the importance of mobile devices cannot be overlooked. Essentially portable legal technology, mobile devices (cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc.)  allow you and your team to be more productive, efficient, and accessible.

These devices can serve as your firm’s endpoints, providing all authorized users with access to your network and data. When combined with cloud solutions, they can also be used to securely manage your firm’s data in the cloud. This ensures that you and your team can leverage technological solutions that offer access to vital information for cases at any time and from anywhere for faster and more efficient work sessions. 

5. Managed IT services for law firms

Managed service providers (MSPs) are technology companies that offer a variety of IT services to businesses. MSPs that specialize in servicing the legal industry come equipped with the expertise to combine the IT field with the legal profession to help you save time and money. An MSP with past experience in supporting law offices can keep your firm’s technological solutions up-to-date and compliant with industry regulations.

A legal-industry-specific MSP’s services can include:

An MSP will specify the degree of its services in a service-level agreement (SLA). For example, the SLA will point out if you are required to pay a monthly fee for support or if you follow another arrangement. With an MSP’s support, you can focus on winning your cases and helping bring peace of mind to clients, while the MSP takes care of your IT infrastructure.

6. IT consulting services

IT networks can be complicated, so it is important to get their configuration and deployment right. An IT consultant experienced in working with lawyers can help you determine the best technological solutions for your infrastructure and make sure it is implemented correctly, taking into account your firm’s procedures, values, and legal obligations.

IT support for law firms from technology leaders

The modern legal landscape is becoming increasingly digital, with new technological solutions being rolled out every day. Lawyers already have much on their plates—upholding the wellbeing of their clients, their firm’s values, remaining compliant with the law, etc. There is no room for technological mishaps.

The IT support services at IT Gurus are conducted by technology experts that regularly provide comprehensive IT support for law firms. From security and compliance to installing document management systems, the IT support specialists at IT Gurus can assist you with all of your legal IT needs. Reach out to the team today to upgrade your legal practice’s systems and grow your reputation as a leader of justice.

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