Would Your Business Benefit from Managed Services?

If you are looking for managed services in Glendale, then you probably already understand that managed services have a very low up-front cost when compared to “Going it alone” (aka doing it all yourself). For example, if you wanted to manage your own IT services, you would have to hire qualified and experienced staff, buy the right hardware and software, and maintain it. The costs would be incredibly high. Yet, you could easily approach a company like IT Gurus and arrange to have all your IT services are up and running for and low monthly fee.

No Software Can Protect Your Network From Ransomware

What Other Benefits do Managed Services Offer?

In today’s global economy, being green is not cost-effective, unless you are using managed services. As mentioned in the introduction, when you go it alone, you have to hire the staff, buy the hardware, and so forth. Your energy use and resultant energy waste are far higher than if you used managed services. A managed service, such as a data center, is a centralized organization where that same staff works for different clients, and the same hardware powers many different companies. The capacity for both energy and money-saving is the reason why managed services are so cheap these days when compared to doing it all yourself.

Disaster Continuity and Business Continuity

Companies offering things like managed services in Glendale can act very quickly. Action can be taken, sometimes in a manner of hours, and this is ideal when you have continuity problems. Let’s say something simple happened as your website went down because somebody spilled coffee on your in-house server. A managed service could take the pressure of hosting your website off your hands while you get the server fixed. That way, rather than your website being down for days, it is up and running again the same day.

Scalability is Far Easier

Let’s say you have been storing account information on your own servers for months, but you merge with another company and now you have to treble your storage amount. This is going to require a lot of new servers and plenty of configuring. The costs in terms of outgoing, and in terms of staff time will be legendary. Now, let’s say that you go to IT Gurus for data storage. Rather than buying new servers, you get a low monthly quote for that data storage needs. When the next merger comes along, you simply ask for a monthly quote for more data storage, and that is all you have to do. With managed services in Glendale, you get whatever service you require, and at any time you can increase the service with almost no business interruption.

Final Thoughts – Finding the Right Company

Obviously, if you are looking for IT support and IT managed services, then go with IT Gurus, since they can offer every managed IT service you can think of. If you are looking to outsource other services, consider asking your friends, colleagues, and even your competitors who they are using. Outsourcing companies are not difficult to find, especially since many websites enjoy reviewing them for affiliate money. Do not fear shopping around because outsourcing has never been easier. 

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