Are Microsoft Higher Education Programs Still Relevant?

In some senses, it is fair to say that a Microsoft educational solution can help re-imagine a campus experience. That doesn’t mean that the software is needed, or even relevant, but it does offer an option to those who are in charge of such matters. There is no way any piece of software can drive innovation, just like no piece of software can make somebody more creative. However, if you have a clear goal for your higher education setting and process, then a Microsoft product or two can probably slot in nicely as a way to help you achieve said goal.

Answering a Question by Presenting a Solution

Answering a Question by Presenting a Solution

Colleges and Universities are not afraid to waste money, especially considering how easy it is these days to get student loans. Yet, with Microsoft tools, not only can you create a question for your solution, you can easily justify it too.

Microsoft have been sitting on their hands all these years. They may over-charge for their software, especially considering every function can be done by open-source tools. Yet, Microsoft tools are good. If a college needs to justify their expenses, and they have run out of people to hire as safe space advisors or gender normative officers, then investing in a Microsoft educational solution is an easy answer because you do actually get a good product out of it.

One could liken it to the spoiled housewife who was asked to quickly lose some money to avoid falling into the higher tax bracket, so she quickly runs out and buys a Mercedes, only to discover that the Mercedes is actually pretty awesome.

Driving Innovation is a Fool’s Endeavor

You cannot drive innovation, and you especially cannot drive it with software. However, if your students are having innovative thoughts, or are being particularly clever or creative, then it is probably best that they do not record their ideas on carved pieces of wood. In terms of driving innovation, your Microsoft educational solution is not going to cut it, but if you want to smooth out the process, if you want to make it a little easier for your students to innovate, then some Microsoft tools are in order.

Final Thoughts – Making a Student’s Life Harder?

This article didn’t set out to cast a nasty shadow over colleges or Microsoft in general. Each has its good points and its bad points, and it would be remiss to ignore the bad points for fear of a social media backlash. The point is, did we answer the question? Are the higher education programs that Microsoft offers still relevant?

The answer is a “Yes” but temper your enthusiasm. Investing in something like software doesn’t guarantee results, nor does it make a student’s life easier. In reality, you need to give students the tools to find their own way. Your priority shouldn’t be making a student’s life easier, you should be asking yourself, will this make a student’s life harder? If they have goals they wish to achieve, will this investment make their achieving that goal more difficult? When it comes to Microsoft software, the answer is almost always no, the programs you buy, rent, or subscribe to will not make your student’s life more difficult. They are a safe option for people running colleges, Universities, and teaching sessions.

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