Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support in Los Angeles

When you outsource IT support in LA, you are opening yourself up to a broad range of IT support services. For example, you may outsource your online security, or your disaster recovery, your network management, or even your help desk. The choice is yours, and it is a choice that is becoming wider and more varied as time goes on and as outsourcing IT, in general, is becoming more popular.

Control Your Outsourcing IT Support Costs


Control Your Costs

When you undertake your own IT support and services, you only have a vague idea of the costs. It is not as simple as paying for electricity and yearly maintenance. For all you know, your hardware may require paid updates tomorrow, or need elements replacing, or there may be a bug that costs you hundreds of staff hours.

When you outsource IT support in LA, you only pay a set fee, which is usually set on an annual basis. This means you know your costs, you can budget for your costs, and they will not suddenly change on you without warning. Also, you only pay for as much as you use. For example, if you are using your own servers, there is a good chance that much of its processing power and storage is going to waste over the year. Yet, when you outsource, you only pay for as much as you need, which means there is less waste overall.

Increase Competitiveness and Efficiency

When you outsource IT support in LA, you gain access to powerful technology and human expertise. Your efficiency levels increase on the technical side, but throughout your entire business because you are no longer tasked with managing your own IT. This leaves you and your staff free to concentrate on your core business.

When you outsource your IT, your whole IT process becomes more efficient, and this can make you more competitive. This is especially true if said efficiency can be translated into quick action when it is required.

For example, during the early years of Black Friday sales, we saw many online stores going down because of excessive traffic. Those who outsourced things like bandwidth, and things like website functions, ‘re able to dramatically increase their processing power and keep their websites running. Those who relied on their standard hosting and/or their own servers ended up losing hundreds of potential customers because their websites were locking up, going down, or freezing.

Final Thoughts – Increased Service Levels

Not to be unfair to the tech stuff you have in your company, but there is a good chance that the people you outsource to have far more technical knowledge and expertise. Take the team at IT Gurus for example, and you have a massive collection of experts with a range of skills and a broad depth of knowledge. All they do every day is IT support in its many forms, so it stands to reason that they are specialists in each of their specific areas. Plus, all the hardware and software is up to date and highly optimized, which means that any outsourced IT support is bound to have higher service levels than those you could create yourself, on-site, with your own resources.

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