No Software Can Protect Your Network From Ransomware

The point of this article is not to say that all software is useless when it comes to protecting yourself from ransomware, it is simply to explain how protection from ransomware is not a matter of installing the right piece of software. For example, protection from online downloadable viruses often means downloading the right piece of software and keeping it updated. It may also mean having good online and offline processes and rules, but for the most part, it is about the right piece of anti-viral software. Sadly, your ransomware network protection cannot be ensured with a simple subscription to a piece of software.

No Software Can Protect Your Network From Ransomware

You Do Not Protect Yourself From Car Crashes With a Piece of Software

If you are trying to prevent a car crash, you can use pieces of software to help you avoid them, but the fact is that software alone is not going to stop you from having car crashes. The same is true with ransomware attacks. The software may help you, but you also need a good working process, and you need enough knowledge to ensure you do not fall into regular ransomware traps. Also, you need to understand a little bit about how ransomware attacks work and where you are the most vulnerable.

Think of it as finding all the routes into your castle, and then posting guards at each of the entrances. Plus, you have to remember that your network is a little bigger than just your website or your personal computer, so ransomware network protection needs to be a little stronger and a little more carefully planned.

Backup Your Data and Information

Perhaps one of the strongest defenses you have against ransomware is backups. The malicious force is allowed to take down or destroy your content, but you are able to reset your network so that it is almost like nothing happened. That is what backups and recovery can do for you. If an outside force is holding your data or your network usability for hostage, you can pull the plug yourself and reset everything to how it was before the attack.

Finding the Cause of the Ransomware Attack

In truth, you can probably get in touch with a company like IT Gurus and have them figure out where the attack came from. In many cases, it is burningly obvious where the attack came from. Typically, somebody downloaded a piece of antiviral software, and then suddenly you are attacked. Or you try out a new service, and then a few days later you are getting ransom demands. Nevertheless, if you experience a ransomware attack, it is a good idea to get in touch with a company you can trust to try to find out how it happened so that you can avoid it in the future.

Conclusion – Should I Limit User Permissions?

A common solution to ransomware network protection is often to reduce the amount of control your employees, friends, and family have over the network itself. Where this is not a terrible idea, you have to understand that it is not your only solution. Good training, good anti-viral software, and an understanding of how ransomware works are going to help steer you in the right direction. Plus, do not fool yourself into thinking that the problem is due to your employees or other network users because there are many ways a ransomware criminal can infest your network and hold it hostage.

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