Tips on How Conduct Your IT Outsourcing

Finding an IT outsourcing company is not that difficult these days since tech outsourcing is big business. It is less about finding, and more about doing. This article covers a few points to consider about how you conduct your outsourcing.

You Are Looking to Establish Longstanding Partnerships

Outsourcing is not like buying a takeaway meal, you need to be able to trust the company you outsource to, and you need to know they can come through when the going gets tough. Establishing relationships with outsource companies means that you can go back to them when times are tough and/or when deadlines are looming, and you can get a quick and efficient response from them because they already know what you want and how you want it.

The whole process to engage an IT outsourcing company should be an exercise in building a working relationship. If you are not getting the same vibes and cooperation from the people you are outsourcing to, then it is time to pick a new company. Mercenary companies that are only working to make quick profits, are going to promise you a lot, but they have very little invested in getting it right and/or keeping their promises.

Clear Communication is Very Important

Some people mistake this for over communication. They think that detailing every point is the most important factor, but that isn’t the case. Rather than having a very long instruction manual, think of it as teaching somebody to drive.

When you are teaching somebody to drive, you do not explain the mechanics of the carburetor, or how to parallel park on the first lesson. You introduce them to what you want, and when they have that handled, you push forwards to the next phase. Let them know that this is a multi-phase event and that their work will have layers. They start with the first layer, the groundwork, and then they add to what they are created, and so on until the project is complete.

Choose Your Outsourcing Country Wisely

It is not just about the quality of the work. Obviously, if you hire people to do your IT outsourcing in your own country, you are going to get the best service at the worst prices. Yet, it isn’t all about chasing the best price.

For example, if you set up a deal with an Irish company, then your contract is solid, and your data is protected. On the other hand, if you set up a contract with a company in China, you are going to get an amazing deal, but there is nothing you can do if they steal your software, add things into your work that you don’t want or break your contracts. You can refuse to pay them the remainder, but you cannot sue for what you have already paid for.

Need Help or Advice

Before you run off and find your IT outsourcing company, consider if you actually need to outsource in a big way, in many cases, the solutions you are looking for can be done in-house for far less than you have been told. Consult with the experts at IT Gurus and find out how you may devise your own in-house solutions to your tech problems.


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