When to Perform a Bare Metal Recovery

A bare metal recovery is the sort of thing you do as a last option. It is what you do when you have tried everything and there is no way to fix what has been broken. If you want to make a clean start, then this is your option.

A Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

A Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

All you need in this case is the hardware. A bare metal recovery is only about recovering the hardware. You are removing all software and coding from the machinery and leaving it bare. After that point, in most cases, you set up a restore using previously saved backups.

When you first back up your system, you often do a full-system backup. This is a backup of your entire system, in what may be called a full image backup. It allows you to take a snapshot of your current software and settings, and then impose it onto your hardware. This is different to what is known as a file-level backup where only your files are backed up.

When is This Procedure Done?

In most cases, you want to try to rescue whatever software and whatever files you have. Going the bar metal method is a last resort. However, certain circumstances may push you towards this process, here are a few of them:

  • User sabotage – Somebody intentionally damages a system or software and you cannot fix it, a little like the fat guy did in the first Jurassic park movie.
  • Ransomware – Rather than pay a ransom to unlock your systems, it is best to do a complete reset and use your backups to get you back on track.
  • Legal reasons – There have been times when companies and individuals have been asked to conduct a bare metal recovery.
  • Malware or virus – If a piece of nefarious software was designed to completely corrupt your operating system, there is often very little you can do after it has finished.
  • Your server was destroyed – In this case, if you do not have a backup, you are in a lot of trouble because you may lose everything.
  • Your server location becomes inaccessible – Be it through war or natural disaster, you may lose contact with your server and have to resort to other backup options.

The final say as to when the procedure is done is up to you. It is probably in your interest to try as many things as possible before you resort to the last measures. Still, it all depends on how well you backed up your files before the problems started to occur.

Final Thoughts – Just Make Sure You Back Up Your Systems

There is no real protection against catastrophic computer failures, sabotage, etc. Your only real weapon is the ability to get back up and continue onward. If you are not backing your systems up regularly, then you may be held at the mercy of a ransomware creator or saboteur. If you are having trouble backing up your software, or recovering your lost files, then get in touch with IT Gurus to find out what can be done to hopefully rescue your files.

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