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Server Desktop Management

Server and desktop Management

Desktop management is a wide-ranging approach to managing all the computers in an organization. Desktop management contains managing laptops and other computing devices like desktop computers. Desktop management is a part of systems management; actually, Desktop management is the administration of all components of a company’s information systems. And the other components of systems management are network management and database management.

The Outdated desktop management tasks consist installing and maintaining hardware and software and spam filtering, administering user permissions. In the modern days the tasks related to security, have become a large part of desktop management. As a result, a large proportion of administrative resources has been devoted the tasks that related to security, like a patch management, fighting viruses and spyware, and controlling other applications (programs installed without corporate approval).

Server Management

Server Manager is a tool available with Windows that guides information technology administrators through the process of configuring, installing, managing server roles and features that are part of Windows.

There are many definitions for the Server management, we are defining it as it is monitoring and maintenance of web servers. This definition which is all encompassing covers two subsections which are: maintenance, confirming that all hardware and software run at its ideal abilities while the second subsection, its checking involves keeping track of all metric and parameter that can affect your server performing at full capacity.

Desktop and server management Services.

We provide an effective server and desktop quality management plan which help you to keep up-to-date with your IT assets, and its help you to managing your software licenses, track to software usages, detect and uninstalling prohibited software, alert on specific events, and provide you comprehensive reporting.

As part of our service, we provide a complete server and desktop hardware and software list, carry out periodic scanning of your computers to managing licenses and track software usage statistics. And we detect and uninstall prohibited applications. Wealso provide reports on hardware and software list and license compliance.

We work carefully with our clients through the obtaining process from quotation to installation, right via supporting of servers and desktops. We make sure that the correct server or desktop is selected for the right job. We can also manage your assets life-cycles to confirm you get maximum profit from your investments, especially when legacy equipment no longer performs as required.

We Guarantee:

• Ability to work from anywhere, anytime
• The Security, We run routine penetration testing
• Performance and constant monitoring to confirm everything runs smoothly
• Flexibility of increasing and decreasing resources as required
• There are no ongoing capital expenses everything is included in one predictable fee
• Reduced in-house expenses – By running in the cloud, you will have a lower power bill and require less infrastructure.