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VoIP Solutions

VoIP Solutions

Telecommunication technologies are continuously evolving since the advent of technology into human life. Different innovations in the telecommunication field helped in reshaping the world which literally changed the face of communicating with each other over connected systems with the introduction of phone systems.

Phones systems are a vital part of business of almost all size as customer interaction and engagement has proved to be the strongest pillar of revenue generation strategies for all companies. The world has dramatically changed over time as there was a time when our phones enabled us to use the internet (dial-up) and today, our internet can power our phones, more efficiently than the phone system itself.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is an approach made possible by collective set of technologies which was introduced to transmit voice communications and other media by utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Simply, VoIP is a phone system technology that works through the internet rather than via public switched telephone network (PSTN). The most helpful thing about the VoIP solutions is that if a user has a reliable internet connection at home or office, the user can use the VoIP solution for phone system instead of tradition phone line.

How VoIP works?

Understanding how a system or technology works help you in exploring the benefits of the technology so that you are able to integrate the system into your business practices efficiently. The working of a VoIP system is not very complex, however you might not know that you already understand the core concept.

It is tremendously simple for you to understand if you have ever recorded a voice note through a microphone in your computer’s voice recorder and saved it for later use. Now, a VoIP system is just similar to this, instead of storing the recorded voice, it simply sends the voice over an IP network to other devices and computers that are connected to the VoIP system.

We all know and have used Microsoft’s Skype to make calls around the globe through a computer; a VoIP system can be accessed just like that through a software in a computer. Also there is a ‘voice box’ which is a hardware device for making VoIP calls. The voice box, just like a computer, needs to be connected to your internet router and then a phone is connected to the voice box. There you are, now you have a VoIP business solution if you have connected the voice box to a phone. It will enable you to make calls over the internet just like a traditional phone would.

The Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol is easy to use, extremely fast, and economically feasible. Also having a reliable and fast phone system is an important part of any growing and established business. If you are still not convinced on the remarkability of the VoIP solution for businesses then you need to know that this technology can exponentially reduce your business expenses that include; phone, customer services and call center. The most valuable and important benefits of integrating a VoIP solution into your marketing and business

practices are mentioned below:

  • With a VoIP system, your phone bills are reduced by 60 – 70%.
  • No need for other lines, only you internet connection is used for your phone.
  • There are no geographical limits in VoIP system; connect to customers internationally.
  • More features; call forwarding, waiting, monitoring.