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IT Gurus is an IT managed service provider delivering leading-edge solutions for business growth and success.

About ITgurus - Top Managed IT Services Provider
Our Journey

How We Began

IT Gurus

IT Gurus was founded in 2000 by Ohannis Dikramanjian. His passion for IT started in the late 1990s, whilst working for a large company who were experiencing patch, networking, security, and permission issues. With the blessing of the IT department, he started updating, patching, and setting up workflows.

His passion for IT grew and it saw him assisting companies in streamlining their work environment. Whilst setting up controlled, secured, and managed user environments he stayed at the top of his technology game.

He then started implementing RMM and patch management to these businesses. As the Internet of Things got more complicated, he added more and more to his solutions toolbox by introducing managed audio visual, managed endpoint detection and response, online backup, security and compliance, disaster recovery, and more.  

Fast forward to now, IT Gurus is well known for its explicit systems, user experience, and punctuality which has generated a lot of referral customers.

Why ITgurus Different

The IT Gurus Difference

Businesses are unique in their environment, users, tools, applications, and needs. This underpins the work we do each day.

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Our Team

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Ohannis Dikramanjian

Chief Executive Officer (AKA Director of Initiative)

Anna Petrosian

Chief Financial Officer (AKA The Money Gal)

Arthur Yousefi

Senior Technician (AKA Sith Lord of Security)

Charles Chimchidian

Senior Technician (AKA Concept Alchemist)

Kasey Burns

Technician (AKA Abstract Concepts Coordinator)

Sarmen Akobi

Technician (AKA Ringleader of Genius Concepts)

Robert Diaz

Logistics (Timeline Overlord)