Building a More Resilient Business After a Recent Disaster Recovery

It seems that people are disappointed these days if businesses are not still running even during a disaster. There seems to be this expectation that business should be running all the time without exception for things like disasters and wide-scale problems. If you build a more resistant business after a recent disaster recovery, then you can be the sort of business that keeps running through a problem or disaster. That way, people can be disappointed with your competitors and not with you.

Disaster Recovery is Not Just About Computers

These days, disaster recovery has become a computing term, and where computing is an area where disasters happen (and need to be avoided), they also happen everywhere else. They may happen because your workplace flooded, or because there was a massive fire in the plastics factory down the street that has made the top two layers of your building unsafe to work in. By all means, you should do your best to avoid disasters with regards to your computers, but you also need to do business continuity planning for all other types of business problems and disasters too.

You need to go a step beyond health and safety when preventing, and a step beyond disaster planning when thinking about what could go wrong in a way that brings your business to a halt (or to its knees).

Placing Workloads in the Right Place

If one wrist breaks, can you switch to the other hand. Is there a way that one department can take the strain if another has a problem? Are there areas in your business where you may transfer work if there is a problem?

Sometimes, the issues you encounter may not be transferred internally, but that is fine too. For example, you may not be able to transfer the functions on your accounts department to your plastics manufacturing floor, but you may be able to outsource until your disaster is over.

Try to Break Your Own Security

The way you become stronger as a business is by making your security stronger through your own efforts. Just like your immune system, if you do not expose it to a few germs every now and again, then your body becomes weaker for when something dangerous comes along.

Data should be central to your holistic security approach, and you should be commissioning people to try to break your security. You can hire testers to try to crack or hack their way into your systems, and you can hire outsiders to try to get into your premises. You can even bring some of your staff into the scam and have them try to break the rules or rip off the company to see how far they get.

Getting Help and Advice

Creating a disaster recovery plan for your business’s computer, technical, IT, and software, is very difficult. You will probably need advice both on the sorts of problems you will encounter, and on the solutions to such problems. If you need a little help and advice on this subject, then contact the experts at IT Gurus and take your recovery to the next level.

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