Building a More Resilient Business After a Recent Disaster Recovery

Article updated 8/31/2022

Disasters—natural, cyber threats, or any other adverse circumstance—can significantly impact your business operations. Depending on the event and its size, it can disrupt services, damage IT infrastructures, and cripple businesses.

With so much at stake, you must have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan (DRP). Disaster recovery (DR) specialists can advise you on how to protect your company from downtime caused by unanticipated events.

What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery (DR) is the act of recovering IT systems after a disaster. The goal of DR is to ensure that critical data, systems, and assets remain available and unaffected by a disruption, whether it be a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or human error.

It is essential to any organization’s IT strategy and business continuity plan, as even the most minor data losses can significantly affect a business’s finances and reputation. 

What is a business continuity plan (BCP)?

A business continuity plan outlines the actions that need to be taken to keep a business running in an emergency. This document can include taking specific steps to secure physical assets, keeping employees safe, and ensuring that critical data is backed up.

A well-designed BCP will help ensure that your company can continue operating during and after a disaster. 

Business continuity plans vs. disaster recovery plans

While BCPs and DRPs may sound like similar practices, two key differences separate them. These discrepancies are:

Disasters can impact every aspect of your organization. DR specialists help optimize your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies for your specific needs.

What do disaster recovery specialists do?

DR specialists help organizations plan for and recover from disruptive events. They work to ensure that critical operations, systems, and data are protected and can be quickly restored. 

Disaster recovery specialists can help your business with the following:

Disasters can impact every aspect of your organization. DR specialists help optimize your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies for your specific needs.

How do disaster recovery specialists create DRPs?

DRPs are unique to each organization, and DR specialists work to create cost-effective, relevant plans. To do this, they work alongside their clients and follow a set of steps.

To create a foolproof disaster recovery plan, specialists:

  1. Determine which processes are necessary for the continuation of their clients’ businesses.
  2. Conduct research on current and emerging threats in the business world and their clients’ industry. This includes man-made and natural disasters.
  3. Use their research to develop potential scenarios that could impact their clients.
  4. Develop a comprehensive plan that tackles communication. This ensures correspondences are sent correctly, making sure everyone is on the same page and is aware of what to do when disaster strikes.
  5. Work with clients to create backup and recovery plans. From researching secure, cloud-based solutions to explaining the intricacies of backup-as-a-service, DR specialists engage with their clients to identify and duplicate critical data.
  6. Perform extensive tests of the plan to assess its efficacy and make changes where necessary.
  7. Divulge the plan to clients while clarifying any points.

Disaster recovery specialists update DRPs to reflect changes in technology, business processes, and compliance regulations

What are the benefits of working with disaster recovery specialists?

Downtime can significantly impact your business and employees, and without the appropriate protective measures in place, it can also damage your reputation and force you to shut down. However, DR specialists help organizations avoid this fate.

The benefits of working with disaster recovery specialists are:

Enhance your data protection with disaster recovery services

When your business has been through a disaster, you want to be able to get up and running as quickly as possible. A good DRP can help your business avoid downtime while ensuring it can recover quickly and efficiently when needed.

The backup and disaster recovery services developed by IT Gurus are conducted by experienced DR specialists. Whether you are interested in data management services or feel your contingency plans are not up to par, talk to IT Gurus’ disaster recovery experts today to create solid recovery plans that protect your business’s critical data and operations.

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