Reasons Why Website and Business Data Backup is Essential to Modern Small Business

Let us not dance around the primary issue when it comes to data backup Los Angeles. You need to back up your data and your website in order to keep things up and running. Whether you are new to technology, or you were there for the bad old days when a computer crashed more times than a blind race car driver, the fact is that we all know how wrong things can go. This may not matter so much when you are writing your to-do list on your Smartphone, but it is pretty devastating when it takes down your website and you have to recover or re-create gigabytes of information in order to get your website up and running again.

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Protection From Ransomware

Ransomware attacks work by taking hold of your website or network, or a part of it. The hacker may then decide to freeze part of it and demand money to release it or say they will corrupt part of your website or network if you do not pay up.

Your best defense against this is to run a complete system reset, and then restore your website or network to how it was before the attack. Obviously, you want to figure out how the attacker got in so you can prevent it from happening again. Nevertheless, by resetting and re-installing your system back to how it was, you are wrenching control away from the hacker. That is one reason why you need data backup Los Angeles services so that you have up to date backups of both your data and your system state so that you may reset and reinstall back to however the website/network was before the ransomware attack.

Protection From Massive Crashes

We all know the potential of massive system crashes. You could lose valuable information, and your device may even become useless. Even if your device doesn’t become useless, it may take a lot of time and money to repair your system back to how it was before the crash (if that is even possible). Having a backup means you can do a complete system reset, and then reinstall your data and your system state. It doesn’t always work that easily, especially if there is a lot of corruption. But the worst-case scenario is that you buy new devices and then reinstall your backup data and system states onto those.

Conclusion – Any More Reasons?

You can use a data backup Los Angeles service to protect you from internal threats too. If somebody in your company decides to take a bit of revenge, their revenge will be short-lived if you can quickly restore your systems with very little downtime. Also, data backups can be used for data validation and even data protection. You can show and prove how data looked over a series of backups, which will help identify if somebody has made unauthorized changes to your data.

If you are looking for further advice or perhaps looking to explore your backup options, then get in touch with IT Gurus today.

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