Don’t Be Caught Out By HIPAA Complacency In IT Systems

Businesses in the US need to ensure that they are fully following a series of requirements designed to secure the privacy of clients. These rules, known as HIPAA are designed to protect people specifically involved in healthcare, and you could find yourself in serious trouble if you don’t follow those rules. While it is easy to place your focus upon protecting your IT network, securing yourself against hackers and malware, you could be overlooking a much more serious issue, and your HIPAA complacency could see you get into hot water. If you want to make sure that you are fully compliant with the rules, you will need the assistance of HIPAA compliance experts like IT Gurus.

Having A HIPAA Compliance Plan

One of the most important things that you can have as a business is a plan that all of your employees follow so that they can fully understand HIPAA regulations. With this in place, you might think that you are fully resistant to any type of government audit, but in fact you might be being too complacent, and leaving yourself open to HIPAA breaches that could result in significant fines. By far the most common discovery during an audit is that security measures in the business are too lax, and have failed to follow the most basic risk analysis including a full risk assessment of the business. If you don’t make protecting your patient’s information a priority, you are likely to fall into complacency and end up being audited. This could result in your business being severely punished.

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks

We understand why so many companies are so anxious about cyber attacks and identity through hacking, but it is important to remember that the majority of data breaches come from inside your own business. This might include your staff sharing information with family members, leaving unsecured computers or tablets where they can be accessed by unauthorized people, or failing to handle personal information in a respectful and secure manner. While you might think it is a good idea to increase your external security, and we can assist you with this, it is also vital that you give your staff sufficient training to allow them to handle private information safely and securely. Without this training, it is easy for mistakes and data breaches to occur.

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When you want to make sure that you do not fall into a HIPAA complacency, you need to work with a team that can train up your staff and help you to get the very best possible compliance with security protection for patient information. Reach out to IT Gurus today and we can help you to get the most from your data protection programs, as well as ensuring that you avoid careless breaches from staff members. Find out more about our services by reaching out to us today through our online form or call us at (818) 600-7652 now.

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