SharePoint vs. OneDrive: A simple guide for businesses

In today’s digital age, businesses are always looking for solutions that improve collaboration among team members. These solutions must be intuitive and easy to integrate into daily processes without adding additional stress. A cloud-based storage system is a great option for organizations, and Microsoft’s solutions will help you reach new levels of productivity and staff efficiency.

SharePoint and OneDrive foster collaboration and streamlined data sharing within organizations. However, it can be confusing to differentiate them, especially when both solutions sound virtually the same.

An overview of SharePoint

Included in Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office 365 or M365), SharePoint is a collaborative work platform that allows teams to easily work on, store, and access documents and other files. SharePoint gives users the ability to host their information within intranets—restricted networks reserved for employees and personnel authorized to use a company’s resources.

SharePoint can be incorporated into your organization’s IT infrastructure in two ways:

The purpose of SharePoint is to create a collaborative workspace that satisfies staff requirements and upholds dynamic cybersecurity measures. 52% of American employees say that collaboration in the workplace is vital. 

With SharePoint, you and your team can take advantage of a collaboration tool protected by Microsoft-approved cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that your data and work environments are secure and optimized for your customers in real time. 

An explanation of OneDrive

Built upon SharePoint, OneDrive is a cloud storage tool that allows users to store files, documents, and data in the cloud. It is available on several operating systems—MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android—and is intuitive enough for stress-free use by people of any technical skill. OneDrive leverages several security features, including activity monitoring, data loss prevention, encryption, etc.

OneDrive is available in Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Organizations that adopt a file-sharing management system like OneDrive can rest easy knowing employees can access company information regardless of the device they use, and wherever they happen to be at the time.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: What are the differences?

A collaborative workspace is more than a few meeting rooms or a conference room with plenty of seats at the table. It is an environment where staff can communicate with each other, only the most up-to-date information is in circulation, and key performance indicators (KPIs) are hit out of the park. Technology such as OneDrive and SharePoint can help organizations achieve this level of cohesion in different ways.

The differences between SharePoint and OneDrive are:

Can SharePoint and OneDrive integrate with Microsoft Teams?

As OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams are all included under the Microsoft 365 umbrella, SharePoint and OneDrive can easily integrate with Teams. 

To keep this simple, if your company integrates the programs, you can think of Teams as a coordination hub. Documents from Microsoft’s collaborative workspace solutions can be accessed by the intended employees through Teams. At the same time, as Teams consolidates open spaces and keeps staff connected to each other, it makes it easier for business leaders and senior management to monitor the status of projects.   

Why do businesses need cloud storage?

Office spaces are no longer restricted to individual locations—with an Internet connection, employees can work from a variety of areas. Businesses that use cloud storage solutions can enjoy many benefits, such as:

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: Choose the right solution for your collaborative workspace

Solid workspace design calls for collaboration tools that support you and your employees as you all steer your business toward the next stage of its journey. OneDrive and SharePoint can help you scale your organization with innovative cloud technology, but it can be tricky to decide which solution is most relevant for your company. 

The Microsoft consulting services at IT Gurus are carried out by Microsoft-certified professionals experienced in technology and business growth. If you need help deciding between SharePoint and OneDrive, and you want a team of Microsoft experts who can offer you advice and operational security, contact IT Gurus today.  

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