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Microsoft is a software giant and a worldwide company with a huge presence in many industries. The software giant is one of the most successful in the technological world and has many products and services that are used by billions of people around the globe. The world’s largest software company is a great source of information for the IT professionals. Here are some of the most trending topics about Microsoft that you might want to know. Stay ahead of the curve and stay informed with this list of topics.

Ways to Setup Rules in Outlook

How to set up rules in Outlook: An easy guide for users

In today’s fast-paced world—where “the number of e-mails sent and received globally” rises every year—it is essential for companies to stay organized and efficient when managing their internal and external correspondences. One workplace communication tool that helps employees achieve this is Microsoft Outlook, an email management system that can streamline processes. There are various tricks organizations can use to get

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A Guide for Window 11 s Mode

A guide to Windows 11 S mode (pros and cons for businesses)

Microsoft’s cybersecurity tools provide organizations with the means to enhance the performance and security of their computer systems with the latest innovations. And in a climate where numerous cybersecurity threats—malware, breaches, etc.—are constantly on the offense, companies ought to strengthen their cybersecurity posture with the right tools and solutions.  With Windows 11 S mode enabled within your information technology (IT)

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Microsoft Teams Premium vs Free

Microsoft Teams Premium vs. Free: Should you upgrade?

Organizations today are more spread out than ever before, with remote and hybrid work becoming a business staple. But for employee collaboration and communication to remain successful, companies ought to invest in dynamic work platforms, such as Microsoft collaboration tools.  With over 200 million users, Microsoft Teams (aka Teams or MS Teams) is the solution that all businesses should turn

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The 3 best Microsoft Teams apps for law firms

The 3 best Microsoft Teams apps for law firms

Today’s law firms face new challenges daily, requiring them to invest in comprehensive legal technology solutions. Without the right tools at their disposal, lawyers and their firms risk losing their competitive advantage.     One way to avoid this is by deploying the collaboration platform Microsoft Teams into your law practice. There are 3 apps for Microsoft Teams that law firms ought

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How to Use Microsoft OneNote at Office

How to use Microsoft OneNote at work: What you need to know

Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office 365 or M365) is a cloud-based productivity toolkit that helps businesses improve workplace productivity and optimize operations. Each of the programs offer solutions for streamlining business work processes and delivering value to customers and stakeholders. Microsoft OneNote is no exception to this rule. But with its reputation as an innovative educational tool, it can be easy

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Using Mircosoft Outlook for Businesses Efficiency

Using Microsoft Outlook (& Exchange) for business efficiency

Efficient businesses exemplify several traits, with clear communication being one of them. Without effective communication, organizations risk operating according to ineffective data, stalled business processes, and employees who do not have enough information to provide accurate services. To combat this, businesses can have a Microsoft consultant implement Microsoft Outlook, a business email solution that streamlines critical correspondences within secure network

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SharePoint vs OneDrive

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: A simple guide for businesses

In today’s digital age, businesses are always looking for solutions that improve collaboration among team members. These solutions must be intuitive and easy to integrate into daily processes without adding additional stress. A cloud-based storage system is a great option for organizations, and Microsoft’s solutions will help you reach new levels of productivity and staff efficiency. SharePoint and OneDrive foster

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Endpoint Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Endpoint Security suite

Endpoint Manager: Microsoft’s Mobile Endpoint Security suite

Mobile devices have changed the workplace, giving businesses increased flexibility but making them more vulnerable to malicious threats. Microsoft Endpoint Manager supplies companies with tools to protect their employees’ mobile devices through management and monitoring. With Endpoint Manager in place, your organization can benefit from a comprehensive security solution to protect your business’s sensitive tools and systems. An overview of

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Lawyers need M365 for Workflow Optimization

Lawyers need M365 for workflow optimization & collaboration 

Lawyers and their law firms are the champions of the legal industry, and their procedures and collaborative work efforts must be optimized at all times. Without the right tools and systems available, lawyers (not to mention the legal industry as a whole) risk becoming less productive—an outcome no law firm should have to deal with. M365 (Microsoft Office 365 or

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Endpoint Manager vs Intune

Endpoint Manager vs Intune: mobile device management 101

In today’s business landscape, mobile devices are necessary tools of the trade. When dealing with their company’s systems, enterprise owners must establish clear guidelines to restrict the actions and capabilities of unauthorized devices and users. While there are many access control programs on the market, Microsoft’s mobile device management solutions, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and its component Microsoft Intune are the

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