Signs Other People Are Looking At Your Data

The hardest part about data theft and the sale of your data to other companies is that it is pretty-much untraceable. However, the most malicious types of data farming are from those who intend to steal your information so that they can set up accounts in your name or steal your money or ID in some form or another. Luckily, in these cases, the thieves are sloppy or over-ambitious, which is why there are IT problems and IT solutions to help you identify the problem.

Your Account Was Locked

Take the case of Bet365. If somebody else decides they are going to set up an account in your name, or with your email address, or even with your username, they will lock the account. It seems like a good measure in the short term, but once your account is locked, it is up to you to trace the other person in unlocking it. Betting companies like this are not interested in your online security, to the point where you are probably best off reporting the account locking, and then leaving the website forever and preferably decommissioning your email address and/or your other associated information (including cancelling any cards you have linked to the account).

Unusual File Changes

This is a tricky one to find, but it happens from time-to-time. You find that certain files have been duplicated and/or shortcuts for certain files have appeared. This is often a warning sign that you need to change a few of your passwords and security measures. These occur because of sloppy work on the part of the hacker, who is often against the clock before his or her time on remote servers ticks over to another server. If you deal with sensitive information, then a real-time data monitoring program can help you see when other people are fiddling with your files. This is just one of many IT solutions for this problem.

Abnormal Device Activity

You know what is abnormal on your computer. For example, you know that you never allow notifications, and then suddenly you start getting them. A common issue is where you visit a website and your entire screen goes blank for a second. This is a classic sign that your desktop is being watched. It is time to turn the Internet off, clear your history and temp files, run a virus scan, and restart your computer. Also, be sure to avoid the website that caused the issue.

What is My Best IT Solutions?

In truth, there are many ways you can identify if other people are looking at your data. Having a suddenly sluggish computer is a classic example, and if your computer suddenly starts going faster when you have VPN on, then that is another sign that your regular activity is sending or receiving Internet information without you knowing. If you are looking for solutions to your IT problems, and you think you may have virus or data breach problems, then get in touch with IT Gurus.

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