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Sage 50cloud vs QuickBooks

Sage 50cloud (Peachtree) vs. QuickBooks: which is best?

From overseeing cash flow through your business’s registers to inspecting your bank account to determine the origin of a mysterious transaction, keeping track of your company’s finances is complicated. While plenty of bookkeeping services are ready to manage your money, small business owners and managers of medium-sized companies should consider accessibility and autonomy—two characteristics that define Sage 50cloud and QuickBooks.

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Being an IT Consultant

Being an IT Consultant . . . It Is Not For Everybody

Is there good money in IT consultancy? Actually, it is a very mixed bag of salary expectations. In short, the larger the projects you can handle, then the more you likely to be paid. For example, if you were an expert in Smartphones, then you can make a good living, but you will never earn as much as the person

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Remote network monitoring

The Benefits of Remote Performance Network Monitoring

Want to measure the quality of your service, but as it is seen by your customer as opposed to how it is seen by your own quality control people and programmers? Network performance monitoring involves measuring the quality of your services based on what other people see. Remote network monitoring extends the reach of your network performance monitoring. You do

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When to Perform a Bare Metal Recovery

When to Perform a Bare Metal Recovery

A bare metal recovery is the sort of thing you do as a last option. It is what you do when you have tried everything and there is no way to fix what has been broken. If you want to make a clean start, then this is your option. A Bare Metal Restore (BMR) All you need in this case

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