What is the cost of managed services in Los Angeles?

A robust information technology (IT) infrastructure can mean a world of difference in today’s digital landscape. Without a strong technical ecosystem, your business can risk falling behind your competitors.

While various methods support your business’s systems, none are more reliable and cost-effective than managed IT services. These solutions aim to provide your organization with the support it needs to remain operational throughout the year. 

However, there are many managed service providers in Los Angeles, and they all provide IT services for small businesses and their larger counterparts. Before hiring one, you should know what to expect in terms of pricing and how these services will benefit your business.

An overview of managed IT services

Managed IT services (also known as managed services) are a type of IT support offered by a managed service provider (MSP). They provide your business with various services and solutions to help you maintain a solid technological foundation. 

Managed services can support your business in the following ways:

  • IT support: Oversees your business’s IT infrastructure to mitigate issues and reduce the chances of them occurring.
  • Cybersecurity: Protect your company’s systems and data with anti-malware solutions and preventative measures. It also covers managed antivirus solutions, firewall implementation and maintenance, disaster recovery planning, network audits, etc.
  • Software services: Provides industry insights into the latest programs. An MSP can handle software licensing for cost-efficient solutions and advise you on what programs will enhance your business’s operations.
  • Cloud services: Cloud-based services offering support and maintenance for your business’s cloud infrastructure. 
  • Hardware support: Covers installations and ongoing maintenance of physical devices and servers.
  • Compliance assessments: Ensures your organization follows all legal regulations and policies, including HIPAA compliance.
  • On-site support: A technician will visit your business to identify and solve your IT issues.
  • Remote support: An MSP will fix your technical problems using their own systems and hardware. They will remain at their place of work.


Managed services take the responsibility of IT maintenance off you and your staff. While proper handling is still required on your part, it does give you peace of mind knowing that your organization’s IT infrastructure is being looked after by a team of experienced professionals.

What to expect from managed IT services pricing

The prices of managed IT services are determined by a business’s needs, and you will surely find a range of prices during your research. 

Before commencing work, an MSP will examine your company’s model, processes, and IT infrastructure. This is to ensure that their services perfectly match your needs and that you are not charged for solutions that add no value to your organization.

You can expect to pay roughly $150 to $175 per user for managed services in Los Angeles. However, if your business requires more comprehensive support, your fees can land between $250 to $400 per user/per month. 

Much of this concerns how the MSP conducts its business and the level of service that an organization requires. Specifically, an MSP will determine their pricing based on the following aspects of your business:

  • The number of employees using your network.
  • The scale of your IT infrastructure—the more complex it is, the higher the price will be.
  • Does your business have an on-site IT department? Is there a possibility for co-managed IT services?
  • Your expectations.
  • The specific services that you require.

Your business’s partnership with an MSP will be detailed in a service-level agreement (SLA). This contract outlines both parties’ obligations, the partnership’s duration, and the remedies for non-compliance. 

If you are unsure of the level of managed services you are subscribed to, the SLA will provide a comprehensive outline that should answer any lingering questions.

What pricing models do managed services follow?

While the exact price businesses pay differs according to their needs and the MSP’s processes, you can expect your SLA’s payment clause to follow one of several industry-standard formulas. 

While they might seem overwhelming at first, these pricing models can help you factor comprehensive IT support into your company’s budget.

MSP pricing models can exist as:

  • A la carte: A flexible arrangement based on individual services that a business needs.
  • Flat rate: A set price (or flat fee) that covers general IT support. This can be a monthly fee, an annual fee, or a quarterly payment. 
  • Per user: The MSP will charge you based on the number of users that leverage your network.
  • Per device: The MSP will charge you based on the number of devices that make up your IT infrastructure. The cost of per-device pricing depends on your technology and its complexity. 
  • Break/fix: A one-time fix for a variety of IT problems. Break/fix pricing models can cost you $125 to $225 per hour.

Organizing and managing your business’s budget is essential for reducing overspending. When speaking with an MSP or negotiating your SLA, you must understand the pricing model your arrangement will follow for a more fulfilling partnership and services.

Acquire managed IT services from a skilled team

Regardless if you are a medium-sized business in Orange County or an up-and-coming small company in Hollywood, managed services pricing can be complicated. The right MSP simplifies the process with transparency and a willingness to support your business with the best cost-effective solutions.

The managed IT service specialists at IT Gurus are experts at supporting business’ IT infrastructures with unparalleled technical expertise and knowledge of today’s markets. Reach out to them today to enhance your organization’s networks with proactive support.

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