5 Ways to Improve Customer Services with Digital Technology

5 ways to improve customer service with digital technology

Customer service is a critical aspect of any business’s brand; in today’s market, where 81% of customers will use “a positive customer service experience” as a motivator for repeat business, having excellent service helps you retain customers and build loyalty, while the opposite can drive people away and have a negative impact on your organization’s reputation. Thankfully, there are many …

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What is a Hippa Violation

What is a HIPAA violation? (7 common examples for companies)

Health insurers and other businesses that work within the healthcare industry regularly come into contact with sensitive data pertaining to people’s health—protected health information (PHI).  Unprotected patient data can be stolen and used to exploit your healthcare institution and its patients. This can result in a blow to your organization’s reputation, distress for the victims, and fines. The Health Care …

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How to Use Microsoft OneNote at Office

How to use Microsoft OneNote at work: What you need to know

Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office 365 or M365) is a cloud-based productivity toolkit that helps businesses improve workplace productivity and optimize operations. Each of the programs offer solutions for streamlining business work processes and delivering value to customers and stakeholders. Microsoft OneNote is no exception to this rule. But with its reputation as an innovative educational tool, it can be easy …

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6 Technologies Solutions Low Firm Need for Success

6 technological solutions law firms need for success

Legal firms deal with a wide range of cases every day, which can be challenging to handle when the demand for services increases. There are 6 information technology (IT) solutions—software, hardware, and services—that can help your law firm make the most of its resources and employees’ skills, allowing you to dominate the courtroom and innovate. 1. Legal project management programs …

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6 Business IT Solutions to Streamline Operations

6 business IT solutions to streamline operations

In the business landscape of today and tomorrow, small and medium-sized businesses, along with large enterprises, must have innovative technology solutions supporting their day-to-day processes 24/7/365. The best information technology (IT) solutions for companies are the products and services that improve productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, without requiring users to spend exorbitant amounts of money.  There are 6 business IT solutions …

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